Persistence of Memory -The First Three Chapters

I’m really pleased to share the first three chapters of my next novel, Persistence of Memory, with you.  If you’ve been following my adventures, this is the first in a series of accidental time travel books featuring Charlie Lowe and her companion Mr. Deeley.


Persistence of Memory is set in the seaside village of Stoneford, Hampshire, and takes place in the present, and in 1825.

Here’s the official “blurb”…

Charlie Lowe has two obsessions: saving the Stoneford Village Green from unscrupulous developers and researching her ancestor, Louis Augustus Duran, whose mysterious origins elude her. 

When a freak lightning strike and a rogue computer virus send her back to 1825, Charlie discovers she must persuade a reluctant Sarah Foster to marry Duran, or two centuries of descendants -including herself- will cease to exist.  
Unfortunately, Louis Duran turns out to be a despicable French count who spends his days attempting to invent the first flushing toilet in Hampshire. That is, of course, when he’s not busy impregnating a succession of unfortunate housemaids.
Combining the language, humour and manners of Jane Austen’s era with charming characters and colorful storytelling, Persistence of Memory is a mystery, a love story and a speculative novel about accidental time travel.
A hopeless romantic, our heroine does her best to encourage the happiness of those who surround her — but will she be able to mend a matrimonial wrong, restore the Village Green to its rightful owner and, most particularly, conclude the tale in the company of the gentleman with whom she was always meant to be?
You may acquaint yourself with the answers, gentle reader, here, within “Persistence of Memory”.


And you can read the first three chapters here, on my website:

Scroll down the page, click on the link, and have fun!

Persistence of Memory will be published by Fable Press on September 17, 2013.

It will be available as an ebook and a trade paperback through Amazon.


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