Tower of Power

My first short story was published in 1982. Tower of Power wasn’t the first work of fiction I’d ever written. But it was my first work of fiction to be published, and it landed in a big way in the pages of Flare, a Canadian fashion magazine which, in those days, still featured short stories.

Flare ran an annual short fiction competition. The first prize was $1,000. I’d entered the contest before but had only got Honourable Mention. This time I won, and publication in their September 1982 issue marked the real beginning of my career as a writer.

Tower of Power is a bit dated now. And my writing style has changed a lot. It’s worth noting that in the original manuscript, there was a lot of real swearing. But Flare’s editor felt that they couldn’t use the F-word or other expletives in their pages (being a young women’s fashion magazine in 1982). So every time you run across a twee-sounding curse, try to imagine what was originally written there. And you’ll have some fairly authentic-sounding dialogue extracted from one night in the life of a rock and roll radio newsman.

Hope you enjoy it, even if it is, in 2013, somewhat old-fashioned.

I’m uploading this as a series of jpg’s. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger (and readable).









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2 responses to “Tower of Power

  1. Thanks for sharing this story 🙂 great read!

  2. Glad you liked it! 🙂

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