Cold Play – Part 2

Well, I’ve launched The Novel.

It took a lot of advance planning, and some research, because I wanted to do it “right”. I didn’t want to be one of those writers who e-published a book and then sat back hoping my friends and family would notice it and love it and, of course, recommend it to all of their friends, and so on, until 100,000 copies were sold and I became world famous.

I’m still learning as I write this. The Launch was fabulous – I held it on Facebook and on Twitter, simultaneously – something I don’t think I’d recommend as it involves two different mind-sets and often, two sets of friends and followers – and in this case I was competing with the Eurovision Finals! Which was hilarious in itself. Everyone else was commenting on Engelbert Humperdinck… and I was serving plates of olives and caviar and hoping everyone would dance to Lady GaGa! 🙂

The Facebook Launch took place on a virtual cruise ship docked in Vancouver – which made total sense as the novel takes place on a cruise ship which sails away from Vancouver, to Alaska, on an adventure.

I served virtual Bolly and caviar and posh munchies (Google Images proved to be very helpful here), and played tunes from YouTube to keep the party mood high.

Many, many Facebook friends showed up to join in the festivities. Some brought their own food and drink … some collapsed onto the handy loungers set up all over Lido Deck… some partied on into the night as the ship sailed away from Vancouver and headed for Juneau, Alaska.

The entire party was a tribute to everyones’ imaginations and willingness to surrender to the creative moment. I thank all who attended – and who downloaded Cold Play from Kindle as well! You’re lovely and wonderful people!

And now the hard part begins – the real marketing.

So… if you’re curious… here are the links to Amazon Kindle, where you can download Cold Play very reasonably!

UK Amazon Kindle

US Amazon Kindle

And remember – you don’t need an actual Kindle Reader to read a Kindle book – Amazon has free software you can download to your Mac, PC, Smartphone, Ipad…

Free Amazon Kindle Software

And, of course, a cruise to Alaska wouldn’t be complete without all of the Stuff you get on the voyage… which is why I created the Star Sapphire Virtual Cruise site…

Star Sapphire Virtual Cruise to Alaska

Here you’ll find Deck Plans, What’s on Board Daily Bulletins, Daily Quizzes, Drinks of the Day, Dinner Menu’s, Classy Cruise Crafts (you always wanted to know how to fold a bath towel into an Elephant, didn’t you…?) and of course, a Log of the Cruise from the Captain and a Day by Day Itinerary with pictures and maps.

It’s worth it just to see the Stratomelon 🙂

(Hint: Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page)

Please do drop by if you get a chance… and thank you!


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  1. Floyd Eleazer

    I always prefer to use cotton bath towels because they are warmer and usually their texture is much better than synthetic bath towels.*’.”,


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